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Ep. 387: Loie Maxwell Breaks the Down the “Mind-blowing Creative Factor”

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Show Notes by Production Assistant - Anna Nygren




Taking Time Off

  • Most creatives love and know the fun fluffy stuff of social media
  • Brands can go the wrong way really fast
  • Young entrepreneurs tend to be personally close with their brand and making it a struggle to nail the essence of their brand
  • Listen really closely to your customers
  • If you’ve got that killer instinct and that gut, data will help you but not save you

Closing Lines

  • At the end of the day, do what you think is right for your brand
  • The world is moving toward people doing what they want to do


How To Build Brand Love Via Designed Serendipity

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Ep. 194 What Do Email, Ice Cream and Saying NO All Have in Common? Answers today!

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Sunny @bhamsunny

That's right it's Doug, Strickland and Sunny Lake today, what a trio on the Nice Guys (and girl) on Business Podcast

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Are You Putting Too Much on Your Plate?

  • Just say “no”
    • You do not have to give a rambling answer as to why you can’t do a task
    • The diplomatic way is “no but let me find a way to help you get this done”
  • When you take on too much, you can actually end up making everyone unhappy
  • The issue is that someone is ignoring the fact that there is a problem that people are ignoring
  • You have a limited amount of resources, so there is a conscious decision being made of where your attention goes

Closing Lines

  • Doug does not have the solution
    • Find a system that works for you
  • Empower people to find solutions

 Show notes: Production Assistant - Anna Nygren

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Don't underestimate the Power of Nice.