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Cool Cover Art

Amazing Bonus Pics only seen here

Steve O'Brien - "Even camping, the Nice Guys expect me to work!"

Steve O'Brien - "You want me to say what??!!

Doug's first speaking gig, circa 1977 at his bar mitzvah

The Nice Dog on Business....Doug's dog Snickers (tennis ball used to show smallness of his fluffy size)

Strick with BlackTie

Anna,  Nice Guys Production Assistant

Doug loves his National Parks

Cuz we are bad ass!

Laura C. Cannon (the C stands for cute)

Doug on his Harley

Stacey Sherman, Nice Guys Rock Star

Drinking buddies after a Saturday night gig

Sunny Lake, Nice Guy Freak Flag Flier

Probably episode #1,  so naive!

Doug and his wife Danielle

Yup, it's a Sweet Jumpsuit

Cartoon Nice Guys

Strick on the guitar

Not to be OutJumpedSuited by Strick!

Halloween BFFs

Stacey Sherman rocking the funnel cake

Stacey Sherman and Jack Blades from Night Ranger

Doug's kids, Adam and Rachel