Ep. 477: Book Marketing to Boost Your Business Potential

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Dave Chesson writes books and sells guns. Find out what they have in common on The Nice Guys today.


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Show Notes by Show Producer: Anna Nygren

No matter what you do, your work experiences - the good, bad and the ugly - can compile into something that could take your business to the next level, a book. Dave Chesso dives into the world of book marketing to stress just how much writing and marketing that book can benefit your product. It's all about delivery and Dave is here to make sure that you don't skip a beat. Tune in to learn about how you cold be sitting on the greatest book content ever.


The A9 Algorithm

  • Amazon is the largest book market in the world and the largest search engine for products
  • In the book marketing world, you’ve got to understand sales but also why someone’s book pops up before yours
  • You can have the greatest content ever, but if no one finds it nothing will come of it
  • You’ve got to deliver on what your market wants
  • Verify that the market you want to write for is actually there

Closing Lines

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