Ep. 228: Matt Miller: Air Force Pilot to Business Boom! Great Story


Matt Miller

  • Matt went from Air Force pilot to sales and now he is running his own business…. Full spectrum!
  • Matt realized he needed to do something passive in nature to allow the increase in revenue

It All Started with a Used Gumball Machine

  • Matt started his company idea with one used candy and gumball machine that he bought for $38 bucks
  • Matt, with his previous printing experience, was able to catapult the direction of his company of selling stickers with a solid backing
  • Matt and his company has raised over $4 million dollars for education
    • His company has grown through a NICE attitude
  • Matt decided to do franchise so that the company didn’t end up running him and to delegate the responsibility
    • One of the best decisions he has made was getting a business coach
  • Make sure that the needs of others have been taking care of and a by-product of that is gratitude and success… win-win!
  • Matt has started a podcast called, “School Zone” where administrators and educators can learn more about who they are partnering with… fueling a stronger community!

Closing Lines

  • Matt loved reading comics growing up and has incorporated that love to give children something positive to read
    • Which will hopefully inspire them to read and lead with more positivity/joy!

Get your free E-Book from Matt"Live Your Dreams: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Vending Business" and learn more about School Spirit Vending by clicking here- http://ssvbusiness.com/niceguys/


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